Two! That’s TWO new characters in today’s HERO HAPPY HOUR webcomic! Devios, the guy in the weird mittens, and Transparent– Oops. My bad. Make that, Translucent Man. (Who may be our new favorite character.)

We’re officially into our second month of all-new HERO HAPPY HOUR webcomics and it’s great to be hanging out at the ol’ Hideout Bar & Grill once again. We’re going to start serving up more than just the weekly (hopefully twice weekly) webcomics. We’ve got so much HERO HAPPY HOUR that we want to serve we’re hoping that you’ll help by spreading the word. Please share with your friends, family, and drinking pals via your favorite social media outlets that you’re a Patreon supporter of HERO HAPPY HOUR and you too can be an influencer. (They’re all the rage nowadays.)